Ocean 100 Dialogues

A science-business platform enabling business leaders in the ocean economy to deliver cross-industry action that accelerates ocean stewardship for the climate change, biodiversity loss and equity agendas

The ocean covers two-thirds of the Earth and supports a rapidly growing segment of the pre and post-pandemic global economy. Within this ‘ocean economy’, 100 companies generated 60% of all revenues in the core industries in 2018, as outlined in The Ocean 100: Transnational corporations in the ocean economy (Virdin et al. 2021, Science Advances). Given their size and influence, these companies are in a unique position to exercise global leadership and drive transformative change within and across industries. The Ocean 100 Dialogues seek to convene these ocean leaders to co-create a science-business platform for ocean stewardship – the acceleration of voluntary initiatives to solve the biggest challenges facing a sustainable and equitable ocean economy. The initiative is a unique way to bring commitments to life and drive outsized cross-industry impact.

The Ocean 100 Dialogues will focus on ocean-wide themes:

The approach is:

Science based – science facilitators bring fact-based, empirical reference points and a world-renowned reputation.

Business focused – industry leaders bring their vision for achieving commitments and experience with complex topics.

Holistic – a cross-industry, ocean-wide approach ensures solutions in one space do not negatively impact those in another.

Inherently collaborative – the structure of engagement is dialogue, and discussions are oriented towards peer learning and sharing of best practices to co-create knowledge and solutions.

Synergistic – the initiative builds upon and complements existing sustainability strategies and stewardship commitments of Ocean 100 companies.

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