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The one essential element needed to accelerate action on climate change

08 Sep 2017

The Climate Initiatives are using the World Economic Forum platform and network to spur greater action against climate change, and ensure that business, governments and civil society work together to meet existing commitments.

The impact.

Now, more than ever before, the world is seeing unprecedented international support to address climate change. Yet, delivering on global agreements and accelerating true, tangible action on such a pressing issue has been hindered due to the lack of one essential element.


That’s why we’ve brought key players together to initiate true change, through the Climate Initiatives. The initiatives use the World Economic Forum platform and network to spur greater action against climate change, ensuring that businesses, governments and civil society cooperate in strength to meet commitments and truly accelerate achievements on the issue worldwide.

What's the challenge?

How can companies, governments and civil society work together most effectively to meet these commitments?

Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges the world has ever faced. How effectively businesses, governments and communities work together to meet established international commitments will determine the future of our planet.

International commitments are incorporated within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while the UNFCCC Paris Agreement aims to unite the world’s nations to tackle climate change together. Subsequent agreements seek to limit international carbon emissions from aviation and shipping and reduce hydrofluorocarbons – one of the more potent groups of greenhouse gases.

Public and private-sector collaboration is essential to create a marketplace that will enable dramatic reductions in emissions and build resilience – making a tangible impact on the issue of climate change now and into the future.

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This initiative is part of the Platform for Shaping the Future of Global Public Goods.

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Our approach.

The World Economic Forum’s Climate Initiatives support an important community to help drive progress on climate action:

• The Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders is a global network of top executives who see the business benefits of bold and proactive action to ensure a smooth transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy. The group represents business leaders from diverse industry sectors and regions who use their position and influence to drive change.

To provide analysis and expert information on existing and required emissions reductions measures and policies, the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group, launched a project in 2019 to assess ‘The State of Corporate Climate Action.’

• The Net-Zero Challenge is the first in a two-part series that examines what corporations, governments and civil society have achieved since the accord was drafted in 2015 and assesses the current state of global climate action. The full report, which includes a set of proposals to accelerate climate action, will be published in January 2020. It is within everyone’s power and responsibility to act. This paper and the complete report aim to help clarify the path ahead and encourage a greater push for the action needed today.

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How can you get involved?

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The World Economic Forum is inviting members and partners to join the Climate Initiatives.

The initiatives use the Forum platform and network to ensure collaboration, cooperation and truly global action on climate change.

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