We’re closing the disability inclusion gap through the power of business leadership

16 Jan 2020

The impact.

Over 1.3 billion people live with some form of disability, representing 17% of the global population. This is the largest minority group worldwide.

The Valuable 500 initiative, part of our Platform for Shaping the Future of the New Economy and Society, helps companies become a tipping point for change, unlocking the business, social and economic value of the 1.3 billion people worldwide who have a disability.

Companies involved commit to putting disability on the business leadership agenda, increasing their organization’s confidence and competence in disability inclusion. More than 240 committed companies are currently members of The Valuable 500, creating impact in 24 countries. This group represent 9.9 million employees and a collective revenue of more than $3.8 trillion.

Companies make various commitments towards disability inclusion, ranging from having employees with disabilities represent 5% of their workforce by 2025 to ensuring accessible technology throughout an organization.

“There is an inequality crisis around disability, you’re 50% less likely to get a job and you’re 50% more likely to experience poverty and that cannot be resolved in the world with just governments or charity, you need business at the table.”

Caroline Casey, Founder Valuable500

What's the challenge?

People with disabilities often lack access to employment. The current global employment rate for disabled people is one-half that of non-disabled people. People with disabilities who are employed often experience unequal hiring and promotion standards, unequal pay for equal work and occupational segregation. Only 4% of businesses are focused on making offerings inclusive of disability.

There is a strong business case for strengthening inclusion of people with disabilities. The cost of excluding people with disabilities represents up to 7% of GDP in some countries. With 28% higher revenue, double net income, 30% higher profit margins, and strong next generation talent acquisition and retention, a disability-inclusive business strategy promises a significant return on investment.

Our approach.

Our Annual Meeting 2019 saw the launch of the Valuable 500 initiative with the objective of setting a new global standard for workplace equality. Just one year later the team announced that more than 241 companies have pledged to support the business-led initiative.

Leveraging the collective force of committed businesses, The Valuable 500 work together to:

 Provide peer support to executive business leaders, helping them increase their confidence and competence in disability inclusion
 Provide tools for companies to advance their work on diversity and inclusion
 Share best practices and benchmarks to assist companies in meeting their commitments and responsibilities to disability inclusion

The Valuable 500 aims to engage 500 national and multinational private sector corporations. It’s a business to business initiative catalysing the influence of large private sector corporations doing business in national and international markets.

How can you get involved?

Companies across 39 sectors are invited to commit to closing the disability inclusion gap in their organizations.

By signing up to become a member of The Valuable 500 you will be joining hundreds of organizations accelerating disability inclusion, gaining access to a network of companies and their knowledge in strengthening internal strategies, governance, innovation and disability inclusion in the workforce.

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