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Mark Weinberger

Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, EY

BA, Emory University; MBA and JD, Case Western University; LLM, Georgetown University Law Center. Formerly: Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (Tax Policy), George W. Bush Administration; appointed by President Clinton to serve on the Social Security Advisory Board, which advises the President and Congress on all aspects of the Social Security system; Co-Founder, Washington Counsel, a DC-based law and legislative advisory firm that merged into EY and now operates as Washington Council EY. With EY: former Global Vice-Chair, Tax; currently, Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Co-Chair, Russian Foreign Investment Advisory Council. Member, International Business Council and Steering Committee, Global Issue Partnership on International Trade and Investment, World Economic Forum. Chair, Business Roundtable Committee on Tax and Fiscal Policy. Member, Board of Trustees, Emory University and Case Western Reserve University.