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Instability, inflation and the 'polycrisis' - the Global Risks Report half a year on

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At the start of this year, the World Economic Forum published its annual Global Risks Report - a major survey of sentiment about what are the big things that could go wrong - in the economy, the environment, in health, cybersecurity, geopolitics - and more.

In this podcast, we invite back the two guests who appeared on Radio Davos in January to talk about the report and its conclusion that the world faced a 'polycrisis' - a combination of risks from many sources.

Carolina Klint, managing director at Marsh, and Peter Giger, Group Chief Risk Officer at Zurich Insurance Group, discuss how the risk landscape, as it is sometimes called, has changed in the few months since then.

January's episode on the Global Risks Report: Welcome to the age of the polycrisis: the Global Risks Report 2023


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Podcast transcript

Hosted by:
Robin Pomeroy

Podcast Editor, World Economic Forum



Geo-economics, or the application of power politics by economic means, is a contest waged via global trade and investment rather than on a traditional battlefield. Countries have been increasingly participating in this form of active economic intervention by applying sanctions, export controls, and subsidies, while developing investment-screening mechanisms and data-localization measures. In general, there is a growing concern about the security risks posed by economic interdependence in terms of sovereignty and economic resilience. This convergence of economic and security thinking is placing added pressure on the norms and rules that have governed the global economy for decade...

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