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When influencers meet the influential: YouTubers go to Davos

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What do social media content creators make of Davos?

We speak to three YouTubers - with a collective audience in the millions - who were given full access to the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2024 to ask who they met and what stories they would be telling.

Jacob Beautemps, @BreakingLab
Adanna Steinacker, @houseofadanna
Gohar Khan, @goharsguide

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Podcast transcript

Hosted by:

Robin Pomeroy

Podcast Editor, World Economic Forum


Media, Entertainment and Sport

The world of media, entertainment, and sport has been upended by new business models, user-generated content, and the use of digital platforms to effectively distribute everything from streamed matches to social messages. This is having a direct impact on the moulding of cultures and societies. COVID-19 promises to accelerate underlying industry trends, as sport franchises seek out new ways to sustain audience engagement and the boundaries that once defined media companies continue to dissolve. Restoring trust will be critical, particularly when it comes to trading in reliable and accurate content, and making use of personal data. This briefing is based on the views of a wide ra...

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Media, Entertainment and SportDavos AgendaEducationHealth and Healthcare

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