Annual Report 2016-2017
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"Over nearly five decades, the Forum has harnessed the drive and influence of our communities of global leaders to make sustainable positive change. We work with them to shape their ideas and bring them to fruition. We build networks of leaders, experts and global youth, connecting them through technology and face-to-face events. We create an open atmosphere for sharing and creativity, and work with these networks to turn good intentions into outcomes. Throughout our history, the Forum has been a catalyst for global initiatives, historic shifts, industry breakthroughs, significant economic ideas, and tens of thousands of on-the-ground projects, collaborations and deals.

Many of the achievements of our community of communities over the last 12 months are captured in this report. It is satisfying that many are a direct outcome of the strategic shift I have been leading over the course of the last few years. In particular, the Forum has made great progress in establishing itself as a platform organization, operating as a curator and amplifier of not only our own projects but also projects and initiatives undertaken jointly with external partners, as well as projects that are governed, managed and resourced primarily by external partners."

12 September 2017