Annual Report 2017-2018

The year was marked by strong achievement, even by the standards of an organization in which exceptional performance is the rule. Working to deliver against ambitious targets, the World Economic Forum’s team of over 700 collaborators around the world remained conscious of the long-term mission: to build a new kind of international organization, one that is multistakeholder-based, multidisciplinary, agile, top-level and enduring. It is a pioneering mission that endeavours to create lasting yet agile structures that can respond to the ever-changing and challenging environment that affects all stakeholders in the quest for a positive future.

This report outlines achievements that resulted from efforts over the past 12 months. It highlights some of the outcomes that marked this year as one of the most successful in the Forum’s 49-year history, as much an indication of the Forum’s diversity of activities as the significance of its impact.

4 September 2018