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Our Mission

Transforming systems to keep more people healthy.

Did you know? Hundreds of millions of people are pushed into extreme poverty every year due to health-related expenses.

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Medicine from the Sky, India: How Drones Can Make Primary Healthcare Accessible to All

The Indian state of Telangana has been a pioneer in the adoption of emerging technologies. With the recent completion of India’s first organized medical drone-delivery programme under the country’s liberalized drone economy, this Medicine from the Sky insight report has been compiled to outline how India’s incumbent healthcare infrastructure can be future-proofed using unmanned aerial systems.

COVID-19 is showing us the link between human and planetary health
Time to Act: Investing in Addressing Social Determinants to Improve Health

With health disparities increasing around the globe, it is time that all stakeholders, including the private sector, contribute to solutions that improve the conditions that drive health outcomes. While access to quality medical care plays an important role in preserving health, what happens outside the healthcare setting has a much greater influence over one’s ability to live a long, healthy and high-quality life. These factors are collectively known as the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Reducing global disease and creating healthier, more productive societies, mainly through interventions targeted at addressing SDoH, could add $12 trillion to global GDP by 2040.

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NEO by PhysioQ

We provide a free platform that enables families to proactively monitor key vital signs for COVID-19 together.


We’re proposing verifiable credentials for certified medical equipment, to help prevent COVID-19 outbreaks and increase accountability.

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