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What is climate justice?

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Climate justice is a global movement fighting to ensure that the people who have contributed least to the climate crisis are not the ones suffering the most from its consequences. It's about putting frontline communities at the center of every decision made today.

The unequal burden of climate change

Many nations, particularly those in the Global South, bear the brunt of climate-induced catastrophes like hurricanes, floods, wildfires, environmental degradation, drought, and biodiversity loss. These nations are often the least equipped to handle such disasters and have contributed the least to the carbon emissions that caused them.

Some, like small island developing states, have made almost no contribution to historical emissions, yet are the first to be threatened by rising sea levels.

COP28: A step towards climate justice?

At COP28, rich nations finally acknowledged their responsibility for the climate crisis by pledging a "climate damage fund" for poorer countries. While the EU's "substantial" contribution seems like a good start, it falls short of the $2 trillion developing countries need annually to adapt and transition away from fossil fuels.

Climate justice demands more than just promises. It's about immediate action and ensuring everyone, not just the privileged, thrives on a healthy planet. The World Economic Forum's Centre for Nature and Climate is a platform for progress, but the real question is: how is your country contributing?

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