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5 countries leading the charge on recycling e-waste

The world generates a staggering amount of electronic waste, or e-waste, each year. This growing problem demands innovative solutions. Here's how these 5 countries are leading the charge in developing effective e-waste recycling programs.

Innovative solutions for recycling e-waste

Let's have a look at the unique approaches developed by these countries:

  • Côte d'Ivoire: Create Lab empowers citizens with e-waste repair skills and teaches responsible disposal methods.
  • California: Consumers pay an "advance recycling fee" to fund a statewide e-waste management system.
  • Colombia: A national network of collection points makes e-waste recycling accessible.
  • Taiwan, China: Manufacturers design electronics for recyclability and take responsibility for collection and disposal.
  • Kazakhstan: A new law mandates separate e-waste collection and proper recycling.

Global efforts are required

The global e-waste crisis demands innovative solutions. The examples highlighted here showcase a variety of promising approaches, from empowering citizens with repair skills to legislative mandates.

By implementing these and other creative strategies, we can turn the tide on e-waste and recover valuable resources for a more sustainable future.

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