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Indonesia has unveiled a giant floating solar plant

Indonesia has made a significant stride in renewable energy by unveiling a massive floating solar plant, the third largest of its kind globally.

Situated on the Cirata Reservoir, 107 kilometers southeast of Jakarta, the plant's 13 expansive arrays cover 4% of the reservoir's surface, capable of generating up to 192 MW of power.

Indonesia's floating solar plant: A collaborative effort

The financing of this project reflects a blend of public and private sector involvement, resulting from a partnership between Indonesia's state-owned utility company and Masdar, a UAE-based renewable energy firm.

Indonesia currently generates 12.3% of its electricity from renewable sources, and the government has set an ambitious target of adding 60GW of renewable capacity by 2040. Achieving this goal will require substantial new investments, estimated at $172 billion.

Global challenges and opportunities

The transition to a sustainable energy future demands concerted global efforts. Experts estimate that an annual investment of $3 trillion is necessary to achieve net zero emissions, reverse nature loss, and restore biodiversity by 2050.

The World Economic Forum's initiatives, such as Giving to Amplify Earth Action and Mobilizing Investment for Clean Energy in Emerging Economies, aim to unlock the necessary funding and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in emerging and developing economies. These initiatives highlight the critical role of collaboration and innovation in addressing the global energy challenge.

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