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Sales Of Dumb Phones Are On The Rise Again In The US

Experts suggest Gen Z could be ditching their smartphones to limit their screen time and look after their mental health. Dumb phones are a return to early 2000s technology. They can do calls and texts, and that’s about it. Modern versions, called feature phones, have extra functionality, such as GPS or hotspot capabilities.

Gen Z spends around 7.2 hours a day on their screens. That’s almost 1 hour more than Gen X. Excessive screen time has been linked to poor physical and mental health. It can put children and young people at greater risk of depression. It’s also linked with a higher risk of obesity.

Would you switch to a dumb phone?

Mental Health

A generation adrift: Why young people are less happy and what we can do about it

Andrew Moose and Ruma Bhargava

April 5, 2024

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