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Sweden is building the world’s first permanent e-motorway

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Sweden is pioneering the future of electric transport with the construction of the world's first permanent e-motorway. This innovative project will allow electric vehicles (EVs) to charge as they drive, eliminating the need for lengthy stops at charging stations and paving the way for longer journeys with smaller batteries.

Dynamic charging technology for Sweden's e-motorway

The 'dynamic charging' technology will power EVs on the move, allowing them to carry smaller batteries and travel further. The inaugural e-motorway will be a 13-mile stretch of the E20 between Hallsberg and Örebro, targeting heavy-duty trucks responsible for a significant portion of road emissions.

The e-motorway prototype is considering three potential charging methods: overhead cables, ground-based rails, or wireless induction pads embedded in the asphalt. The final choice will depend on factors like efficiency, cost, and environmental impact.

Watch the video to learn more about this e-motorway.

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