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How Tiny Forests Can Help India Combat Climate Change

Acacia Eco is a company that plants trees in urban spaces in India. It chooses native trees best suited to the local soil and climate and combines this with modern planting methods to create tiny forests that are fast-growing and become self-sustaining within 2 years. Acacia Eco says it wants to bring nature back to cities to help urbanites reconnect with nature and to restore degraded soils.

Benefits of trees in cities

Trees in cities provide a host of benefits. They scrub pollution from the air and absorb CO2. They can cool the air by up to 8˚C, helping cities adapt to climate change. They increase local food security and urban biodiversity. And they bring a variety of health benefits, from decreased stress levels to increased immune system functioning.

Acacia Eco's impact

Acacia Eco has planted more than 875,000 trees in 91 urban forests, restoring more than 36 hectares of land in the process. It has involved local residents through regular plantation drives.

Acacia Eco is a company that is making a significant impact on the environment by planting trees in urban spaces in India. Its work is helping to improve air quality, reduce CO2 emissions, cool the air, increase food security, and promote biodiversity. Acacia Eco is a valuable partner in India's efforts to increase its forest cover and combat climate change.

India's commitment to increasing forest cover

India has pledged to increase its forest cover from 24.5% today to 33% by 2030. Acacia Eco is part of the UpLink and community of Trillion Tree innovators.

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