• Radio Davos becomes Forum's flagship podcast brand.
  • Will cover range of global issues, highlighting solutions to big problems.
  • First episode to feature four entrepreneurs on the environment and mental health.

A year ago, the World Economic Forum launched its first regular podcast, World Vs Virus, which looked at the impacts of the pandemic on health, the economy, jobs, education, trade, and society.

As the world begins to build out of COVID-19, we are relaunching the show under the name Radio Davos.

Davos is the town in the high Swiss Alps where the Forum holds its Annual Meetings, bringing together governments, businesses and civil society to talk about the biggest challenges and changes affecting everyone in the world.

And that is what we'll be bringing you on Radio Davos: discussions on the big issues and interviews with people who have the ideas, platforms or power to make change happen.

Radio Davos is also where you'll hear future episodes about 'building back better' out of the pandemic, previously covered on our Great Reset podcasts.

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What kinds of issues will be covered?

We'll continue to look at COVID-19 as we have in episodes like these:

But also...

Climate change:

Mental health

The business of entertainment

Technology and innovation:

Education and skills:

The environment:

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