The ASEAN Dream

With more than half of its population under the age of 30, the ASEAN region is full of bubbling potential. Not only does the region abound with youth, but it is also rapidly connecting to the digital economy. The 10 countries of ASEAN together represent the fastest-growing internet population in the world. The number of people with internet access is growing by 124,000 every day, and will continue to grow at this pace for the next five years. As digital connectivity rises, it portends huge transformations: economies will develop in new ways; the nature of jobs will change; the skills needed to do well in the future will evolve; and the opportunities for the young will be sharply different from those in the past.

Today, ASEAN has strong economic growth. South-East Asia is rapidly urbanizing, industrializing and integrating to create a powerful regional community of nations. A young population suggests that ASEAN citizens will be more open to adopting new technologies, promising a bright future. But nothing is guaranteed.

This session has been developed to give students an opportunity to discuss what their future might look like. Join a panel to debate the critical issues that will shape the “ASEAN dream”.

Please arrive early, as seating is limited. Refer to the shuttle timetable for departure to the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

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