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UN Water Conference: the entrepreneurs on a mission

At the UN Water Conference, a group of entrepreneurs from around the world are telling how their innovations could help tackle some of the big challenges related to water.

Laura Beltran, of the World Economic Forum's UpLink platform, talks to three of them who are: taking water from the air in Kenya; making the most of rain runoff from buildings in Canada; and getting affordable water filters to people in Latin America.


Beth Koigi, Co-founder, Majik Water (Kenya) - An atmospheric water generator system which uses proven condensation-based techniques to capture water moisture from the air. Majik serves communities that are not able to access safe drinking water, offering a turnkey solution.

Kevin Mercer, President & Co-founder, RainGrid Inc. (Canada) - Building community-scale, property-based, digital networks for net-zero residential property rainfall runoff, while generating verifiable ecosystem credits and restoring the health and security of groundwater and watersheds.

Laura Stocco, CTO & Co-founder, Openversum (Switzerland) - A locally-assembled and managed, biodegradable membrane filter that removes pathogen heavy metals from water. Through its microfranchising model, entrepreneurs can manufacture and sell filters, creating a sustainable business.

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Podcast transcript

Hosted by:
Robin Pomeroy

Podcast Editor, World Economic Forum

Laura Beltran

Digital Media Specialist, World Economic Forum


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