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The Blue Food Partnership produced the Global Sustainable Aquaculture Roadmap (GSAR) to help guide the sustainable growth of aquaculture through four transformative pathways: responsible production, better livelihoods, healthy consumption, and an enabling environment.

At the country level, the recommendations of the GSAR are being put into action through the BFP Ghana Initiative. Its goal is to encourage the sustainable growth of aquaculture in Ghana with an industry focus. We aim to impact companies in aquaculture to be more sustainable in their strategies, operations, and value chains, which may then attract further resources and partnerships.

The Initiative’s objectives are:

  • To establish a collaborative multi-stakeholder platform that will deliver on action.
  • To co-create the BFP Ghana Action Plan to develop solutions that are appropriate to the country with guidance from the GSAR.
  • To facilitate task forces that will implement the solutions of the Action Plan.

To facilitate the BFP Ghana Initiative, our team formally works with experts at the Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana and FUTUREFISH in delivering on impact.


The BFP Ghana Initiative convenes a range of stakeholders with a specific focus on industry actors along the aquaculture value chain.

Members benefit from this innovative work by putting them at the forefront of sustainability in aquaculture through co-leadership; knowledge sharing; enhancing brand value and trust; amplifying the responsible work being done in one’s company/organization; and expanding connections to the networks of the World Economic Forum and its partners. Join us!

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