Blue Food Partnership

Catalyzing science-based actions towards healthy and sustainable blue food value chains

We need to transform global food systems at speed and scale to meet the needs of people and planet as our population grows. Blue foods - food from aquatic sources - need to be central to this transformation. If scaled sustainably, the sector can offer a solution to rising malnutrition and food insecurity, while creating jobs and shoring up economic growth.

Friends of Ocean Action’s Blue Food Partnership works with its members to integrate the critical role of blue food in sustainability narratives at a policy level in international fora and identify and scale pre-competitive initiatives on priority blue food topics.

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The initiative

in collaboration with the Word Economic Forum and World Resources Institute and with the generous support of the UK Government's Blue Planet Fund

Why blue food matters

Blue foods are the most highly traded food products in the world. They are critical to global food and nutrition security and provide millions of livelihoods. 3 billion people rely on blue foods for nearly 20% of their animal protein. 10 – 12% of the world’s population rely on fish for their livelihood. Blue foods often have a smaller environmental footprint than land-based food production. With a growing world population, blue food faces increased demand and big challenges.

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