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Identify and visualise the systemic problems encountered by cities and apply solutions in the context of the Forth Industrial Revolution.

The initiative will collate cross sectoral city data analyse to identify the systematic impacts and trends resulting from urbanization. The systematic impacts and trends will be visualised to demonstrate that cities are living, breathing organisms that operate as systems of systems. It will seek to demonstrate systemic solutions in the form of:

1) Innovative technologies for the planning, design, delivery and operation of smart and resilient infrastructure and urban services
2) New business models and opportunities emerging from rapid urbanization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
3) New models of city regulation and governance (the future of city states) required in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
4) New financial instruments and investment models to enable urban infrastructure and services to be delivered in tandem with development
5) New engagement models that embraces civic participation and social inclusion in urban societies

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Council Manager:

Alice Charles, Community Lead, Infrastructure and Urban Development Industry, Global Leadership Fellow, Alice.Charles@weforum.org