Our Impact

Improving the livelihood and life of smallholder farmers

New Vision for Agriculture has catalysed public-private partnerships in over 21 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, engaging over 650 organizations and advancing 100 value-chain initiatives that have benefitted millions of farmers.

The challenge

Nearly 800 million people are undernourished, 2 billion are considered micronutrient-deficient and an additional 2 billion are overweight or obese.

Today’s food systems do not provide the world’s population with enough nutritious food in an environmentally sustainable way.

Nearly 800 million people are undernourished, 2 billion are considered micronutrient-deficient and an additional 2 billion are overweight or obese. Meanwhile, food production, transport, processing and waste are placing unbearable pressure on environmental resources.

What will be the situation in 2050 when the demand for food is projected to be 70% higher?

Project: New Vision for Agriculture

The New Vision for Agriculture initiative (NVA) was launched in 2009 to strengthen three key goals: enhancing food and nutrition security, improving environmental sustainability and increasing economic opportunity through a market-based, multistakeholder approach.

The NVA follows a set of core guiding principles to catalyse action partnerships at the country level:

  • Locally-owned and aligned with the country’s goals

  • Multistakeholder, with open and inclusive engagement

  • Market-driven, with the project led by the private sector and rooted in viable business models

  • Holistic, integrating full value chains that benefit all actors in the agriculture system

  • Globally supported by an international network providing solidarity and support

To strengthen collaboration around the world, the New Vision for Agriculture’s Transformation Leaders Network includes over 150 leaders and experts who exchange knowledge, best practices and experience across regions and sectors.

The impact

New Vision for Agriculture now engages over 650 organizations. Globally, it has partnered with the G7 and G20, facilitating informal leadership dialogue and collaboration. At the regional and country levels, it has catalysed multistakeholder partnerships in 21 countries through programmes including the Grow Africa Partnership, the Grow Asia Partnership, NVA India and NVA Latin America.

Together, these efforts have mobilized over 100 value-chain partnerships, accelerating investment in sustainable and inclusive agriculture and advancing progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.

To date, Grow Africa has created more than 80,000 new jobs, and Grow Asia’s programmes have reached nearly 700,000 smallholder farmers in Southeast Asia, leading to improved smallholder incomes by up to 80%, increases in yield by up to 52% (as of 2017), and reduced carbon emissions by around 40%.

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How can the world nutritiously and sustainably nourish 9.8 billion people by 2050?

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