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Improving the livelihood and life of smallholder farmers

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New Vision for Agriculture has catalysed public-private partnerships in over 21 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, engaging over 650 organizations and advancing 100 value-chain initiatives that have benefitted millions of farmers.

Project: New Vision for Agriculture

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New Vision for Agriculture launched in 2009 to strengthen food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity through a market-based, multistakeholder approach.

Its goals are ambitious. Every decade, it aims to increase food production by 20% while decreasing emissions by 20% and reducing rural poverty by 20%.

Attaining these goals requires transforming the agriculture sector in each participating country, based on core guiding principles. Agricultural strategy should be developed locally and aligned with the needs of the relevant country. It should embrace market-based approaches, rooted in viable business models, through a coordinated effort by all stakeholders, including farmers, government, civil society and the private sector. It should integrate the complete value chain, benefiting all actors in the agriculture system. Each country’s strategy should be supported by an international network.

To strengthen collaboration throughout the world, the New Vision for Agriculture’s Transformation Leaders Network involves over 150 leaders and experts to exchange knowledge, best practices and experience across regions and sectors.

The impact

Partnering to Improve ASEAN’s Food Systems

New Vision for Agriculture now engages almost 600 organizations. Globally, it has partnered with the G7 and G20, facilitating informal leadership dialogue and collaboration. At regional and country levels, it has instigated multistakeholder partnerships in 21 countries through programmes including the Grow Africa Partnership, the Grow Asia Partnership, NVA India and NVA Latin America.

Together, these efforts have mobilized over $10.5 billion in investment commitments from stakeholders, of which $2.5 billion has been implemented.

Investments have reached more than 10 million smallholder farmers to date. Grow Africa has created more than 80,000 new jobs, and Grow Asia has helped improve smallholder yields by up to 60% reduce carbon emissions by 63%.

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How can the world feed 9.7 billion people by 2050?

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