The Forum blog is updated by the Social Media team at the World Economic Forum. All our posts are written by us or by selected guest bloggers. We try to bring you a personal look into the work of the Forum and an insider’s view of all our events. We sign all our posts so you know who has written what. Now you can put a face to the name:

Klaus Schwab Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. Co-founder in 1998 with his wife Hilde of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, supporting social innovation around the world. Founder, 2004 Forum of Young Global Leaders.

Adrian MonckAdrian Monck, Managing Director, Communication and Media Relations at the World Economic Forum. Author of ‘Can You Trust The Media?’ and ‘Crunch Time’.

Matthias LüfkensMatthias Lüfkens, particle accelerator and social media architect at the World Economic Forum. Frequent speaker and co-founder of the In Your Pocket city guides.

Georgie PilcherGeorgie Pilcher, social trends writer, travel lover, sailor and Head of Social Media at the World Economic Forum.

Anna SimsAnna Sims, twitfaceblogger, geek and Head of Website at the World Economic Forum.

Twitter_STO_picture Samantha Tonkin, explorer of the new world of risk we live in, writing and sharing views on systemic risks and building resilience. Also Associate Director of the Forum’s Risk Response Network

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