Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2011 Davos Debates.

This year we received over 100 videos, had many excellent contributions! The judging panel’s decision was really challenging. We heard individuals from all over the world speak on the importance of recognizing climate change, enhancing women’s rights, developing an inclusive conversation, closing the digital divide, improving how to measure prosperity, reducing the mass of resources we use and eliminating corruption.

We received great ideas on translating virtual gaming into real action for charity, introducing branchless banking, getting leaders to devote an hour a week to improving the state of the world, involving youth in discussions and the importance of cities.

It was a tough decision this year and it was great to hear all your voices. We have put together a short compilation of the videos that were submitted this year, and it was fantastic to hear so many excellent ideas.

The World Economic Forum would like to congratulate Shawn Ahmed as this year’s 2011 Davos Debates Winner. Shawn is a 29 year-old Canadian from Toronto who founded “The Uncultured Project”. Shawn has competed in the Davos Debates from the past four years and we are happy to invite Shawn to the Annual Meeting this year. You will be hearing much more for Shawn over the next two weeks, and we look forward to hearing your voices this year in Davos.