Michael Biddle, President and Founder of MBA Polymers, a company that was selected as a Technology Pioneer in 2006, gave this attention-grabbing talk about waste and recycling, and how his company tackles this issue.

Considering his presentation is about pioneering techniques to recycle plastics, to catch the public’s attention Michael surprisingly starts by referring to toddler behaviours. Small children like to keep their “stuff” to themselves, rather than borrowing or giving it away, unless it is broken.

Michael then parallels toddler behaviour with how most of us deal with waste in general: once it’s broken, we too prefer to get rid of it without necessarily thinking too much about where it is going to end up or other consequences. We are simply happy if someone else deals with it.

Watch this great video in which Michael Biddle demonstrates how his company deals with old “stuff” by extracting plastic from waste and reusing it to create new “stuff”.