Back from our Davos break, Tech Tuesday continues to showcase the class of Tech Pioneers 2012.

With months of preparation and another Annual Meeting behind us, we are already looking forward to the next regional meetings which will involve Tech Pioneers. Also, we are collecting nominations for the Tech Pioneers class of 2013, announced in September 2012. If you wish to nominate a company, please fill in the nominations form, available here, before February 29, 2012.

Tech Tuesday is an ongoing series profiling the Forum’s Technology Pioneers. Tech Pioneer companies have been recognized by the Forum for their ground-breaking and/or innovative approaches in tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems. Each week, we will showcase some of the 2012 Tech Pioneers. You can learn more about the Technology Pioneer Programme on the Forum’s website.

Mocana responds to the “Internet of Things” with a device-independent secure platform for smart communications

More than 20 billion non-PC devices are now connected to various networks around the world. Smart devices already outnumber computers by five to one, and the market – valued at US$ 900 billion – is growing twice as fast as sales of conventional laptops.

While highly portable and extremely useful, each smart device represents an entry point for a potential cyber predator to break into a network. Mocana’s solution is a wide range of services including NanoCrypto, a government-certified, cryptographic engine that extends sophisticated cryptographic capabilities to even the humblest, low-power, simplified chips used in portable devices and works with more than 30 out-of-the-box operating systems designed to be used with limited resources. Powerful cryptographic protection can be extended to just about any hand-held device; because the NanoCrypto engine is designed to require a minimum effort from central processing units, the system prolongs battery power in portable devices and applications. The simplicity and cross-platform capabilities of Mocana’s encryption systems make the company a frontrunner in the field of network communications protection. Even more important is the system’s ability to guarantee secure connections for even the most basic smart devices, opening the door to a wide range of new businesses ranging from credit card payments for online shopping to computer banking and financial services.

Mocana Corporation
Adrian Turner, President and Chief Executive Officer
Location: CA, USA
Number of Employees: 70
Year Founded: 2004
Mocana Corporation
350 Sansome Street, suite 1010
San Francisco, CA 94104
Telephone: +1 415 617 0055