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Tethys Bioscience develops sophisticated biological markers that enable the precise targeting of healthcare resources

Determining which patients will contract a chronic metabolic disease two or three years from now is a constant dilemma for most primary physicians. The doctor has to put extra work into expensive tests that may not really be necessary, and the patient may be burdened with expensive and potentially harmful prescriptions that he does not really need. The solution is to identify the population at risk with much greater precision than has been available until now.

Tethys Bioscience is developing a new generation of biological markers that promise to do just that. One of the company’s first products, PreDx DRS, combines multiple markers with a proprietary algorithm to deliver an unprecedented level of risk stratification in assessing the likelihood that a patient will develop Type 2 diabetes over the next five years. Rapid intervention may be able to keep a patient from ever developing the disease at all. Another Tethys Bioscience test precisely predicts a patient’s vulnerability to fractures from osteoporosis. Both tests are only in the initial phase of a programme intended to extend reliable testing to a broad range of diseases. Tethys Biosciences’ pioneering efforts promise to revolutionize the face of future medicine by focusing scarce resources where they are most needed and alerting patients to future dangers in time for preventative action.


Tethys Bioscience
Mickey Urdea, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Location: CA, USA
Number of Employees: 102
Year Founded: 2002

Tethys Bioscience
5858 Horton Street, Suite 280
Emeryville, CA 94608
Telephone: +1 510 420 6700