I am happy to be participating in the World Economic Forum on the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia, which I’m sure will be dominated by the current economic situation in the Eurozone. I am happy to see European leaders focus on combining growth with austerity measures (see my January blog, Europe Must Open its Jaws), but unhappy about how slow it takes to make decisions.

I am happy to see my 24-year-old son starting his business as an entrepreneur and see his enthusiasm, but unhappy about how difficult it is to launch a start-up and how risk averse we remain, stifling the development of new businesses.

I am happy to see the level of talent available worldwide, but unhappy about labour laws which prevent people from working in different countries

I am happy to see European companies expanding in high growth markets, but unhappy to see the excessive influence of rating agencies on government decisions and market evolution.

I am happy to see companies from emerging economies becoming leaders and extending their presence (Embraer, Agility and a good number of Turkish groups), but unhappy to see the malaise affecting passionate populations such as Spain.

I am happy about people understanding the challenges and difficulties that lie ahead, but unhappy about the European Central Bank not playing a more active role.

I am happy to see how technology is making the world more connected, helping ideas to be shared and people to communicate more than ever before, but unhappy about how slow we are at supporting the growth of broadband in some countries.

I am happy about the upcoming Olympics in London and the candidates for the 2020 Games, including Istanbul and Madrid, but unhappy that we don’t to make better use of such a truly global and positive example.

These days, we have the opportunity to accelerate the actions needed to increase our global happiness. Let’s seize it.

Luis Alvarez, President, EMEA and Latin America, BT Group