The top 10 winners of the AMNC 12 / Youku video contest were invited by Forum:Blog to write about the issues that matter to them for the Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

I was feeling somewhat at a loss when I learned the requirements for attending “Davos Debates”during AMNC. I don’t know much about economics though I am a student of Business School. Topics such as future, economy and city seem far away from my life. I didn’t know at all what topic I should talk about and my mind went completely blank. I was feeling ashamed about my ignorance and rawness, and was afraid that I could not even organize decent sentences. However, it is such rawness that inspired me: Maybe “raw” is the right word to describe myself and many other young people in China. There are so many ways for us to access to knowledge in this information era that we become increasingly reluctant to meditate because of the noisy surroundings. How meaningful it would be if the scatter-brained young people could find the problem and recognize that they have got lost on their way to the future! My friends and I spent three days producing this video, which can stimulate me and my peers into doing soul-searching.