This year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting theme, “Resilient Dynamism”, could become one of the most relevant in the recent history of the Forum. We all have the feeling that something has to change. That’s counterbalanced with our lack of knowledge or experience (we haven’t been in a similar situation) and with the fact that the degree of uncertainty about our future is larger than ever.

To me, this is just a call to action. A call for leadership. A call for individuals and organizations that are determined to transform this challenging moment into the best opportunity of their lives. It will require being ready to run bigger risks than before, understanding them in depth and dealing with failure with a stronger set of values. Being resilient in such a situation is the most valuable and necessary characteristic for any of us. In this environment, technology and the way we operate in the most interconnected world ever are invaluable tools to drive the transformation.

It is true that we are more vulnerable. But we are also more powerful. We can access the best talent available any place on our planet, we can share and leverage knowledge faster and we can be closer to our loved ones daily. However, we need to make better use of our natural resources, address poverty in all its forms and create a more open world. Together.

Our people, our families and our society are looking to us. They expect the messages and, more importantly, the actions to make it happen. Davos these days should inspire us to move on.

Author: Luis Alvarez is CEO of BT Global Services and is scheduled to participate at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2013 

Image: Pictured of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos REUTERS/Pascal Lauener