From radical innovations to the importance of failure, catch up on the top quotes from the day in Dalian.

1. “Failure does not taint you. It’s not shameful. It’s something to learn from.”
Avi Hasson
Chief Scientist
Director-General, Innovation and Industrial Research and Development Administration, Ministry of Economy, Israel, in: Building Innovation Ecosystems

2. “The fifth source of energy is energy saving. We should work at it.”
Jun Arai
Representative Director and Chief Operating Officer, Showa Shell Sekiyu, Japan; Renewable Energy Community Leader 2013, in: Asia Energy Outlook

3. “Risk is not danger. Risk is putting up a bet on the future.”
Helga Nowotny
President, European Research Council, Belgium, in: Building Innovation Ecosystems

4. “It’s easy to build classrooms, but how do you ensure people go there? Technology, websites, remote education, all those things can help. But we also need programmes that ensure people go, to bring kids out of the mountain village.”
Fan Gang
Director, National Economic Research Institute, China Reform Foundation, People’s Republic of China, in: Reversing Income Inequality

5. “Your cellphone is a major research tool.”
Marina Gorbis
Executive Director, Institute for the Future, USA, in: Building Innovation Ecosystems

6. “The only way to create inclusive growth is education and employment.”
S. D. Shibulal
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys, India, in: Reversing Income Inequality

7. “Today’s technology and the rapid evolution of mobile phones will be a real enabler for change in addressing income inequality.”
David Thomlinson
Global Head, Geographic Strategy and Operations, Accenture, United Kingdom

8. “Radical innovation is to create a need that even the consumer themselves haven’t recognised yet.”
Edward Y M Zhu
Chief Executive Officer, CHIC Group Global Co., in: China’s Consumer Nation

9.”Whether you like it or not, coal is going to be the major energy source for Asian countries for years to come.”
Lin Boqiang
Director, China Center for Energy Economics Research (CCEER), Xiamen University, People’s Republic of China, in: Asia Energy Outlook

10. “Science has a long-term vision. It’s about entering the territory of the unknown.”
Helga Nowotny
President, European Research Council, Belgium, in: Building Innovation Ecosystems