This year, you can host the Annual Meeting 2014 on your blog or website.

Simply add the below code or use the links to generate code into the HTML of your blog or website. The full summary of all HTML code is available here (PDF).

Embedding an interactive session video player


The code below allows you to embed an interactive video player with full details of sessions at Davos 2014. The sessions will play live when they are taking place and then be available on-demand soon after with the same code.

Embedding the full programme


To embed the full programme with all sessions and details:

Embedding an individual session

To embed individual session videos, please use the relevant embed code on the full Annual Meeting 2014 embed code PDF or using each of the embed links here

Additionally this year, all sessions that are Livestreamed will also have a live curated conversation thread where anyone watching the session can discuss with other viewers their points of view on the session they are watching.

You can embed the individual social media curated conversations here.

Interactive participant viewer

This interactive graphic provides a breakdown in participation across gender, region, country, sector and age, and shows how many participants are first-timers, and how many are returning to Davos.

Embedding social media

AM14socialembedYou can also embed a social media analysis tool, showing you which participants are tweeting the most, the most popular trends and topics and who is following who at the Annual Meeting.

This widget is provided by produced by KPMG International.


The embed code can be generated using this link.







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