Exports play an important role in boosting employment and driving economic growth.

This 2013 data from the World Bank analyses exports of goods and other market services as a percentage of GDP. This includes the value of merchandise, freight and travel, as well as services such as communication, finance and construction.

Which are the most export-driven economies?


Hong Kong comes in first, with exports worth over 200% their GDP. Luxemburg also returns a figure over 200%. Another Special Administrative Region (SAR), Macao, also features in the top 10, while Equatorial Guinea is the only African representative in 10th place. This data is taken from the World Bank’s National Accounts and the OECD National Accounts data files.

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Author: Joe Myers is a Digital Content Producer at Formative Content. 

Image: A container ship departs Burrard Inlet in Vancouver, British Columbia. REUTERS/Andy Clark.