A list of some of this week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion, featuring our series, Beyond GDP.

1. Facts and figures. According to recent research at McGill University and Université de Montréal, wage dispersion accounts for the lion's share of the increasing wealth inequality in the U.S. Thus tax policies do not seem to be the right lever to address wealth inequalities. (World Economic Forum)

Figure 1. Top 1% wealth and income shares, 1960-2012
Image: Kaymak and Poschke 2016

2. Two-thirds of the economic growth and development of cities is driven by their population flow. A city’s productivity is linked to its inclusiveness. (McKinsey Global Institute)

3. Five myths about poverty, growth and inequality. (Global Policy Journal)

4. Stewart Wallis suggests five measures of growth that are better than GDP. (World Economic Forum)

5. OECD economists propose how to measure the quality of jobs, focusing on the earnings quality, labour market security, and the quality of the working environment. (VoxEU)

6. A new report shows in case studies how countries around the world are aiming to re-ignite their economies after the Global Crisis. (Knowledge@Wharton)

7. The Chief Economist of Allianz argues the ECB should not provide helicopter money. (Project Syndicate)

8. China’s growth and development trajectory could be similar to Japan’s experience, a commentator suggests. (BloombergView)

9. Why don’t Americans save more money? (The Atlantic)

10. Governments of many developing countries are not raising as much income through taxation as they could. Smart taxation takes into account local contexts and constraints. (FT beyond brics)