The link between technology and prosperity, international tax evasion and 8 other must-read economics stories of the week.

1. Facts and figures. Is technological change today generating the kind of prosperity (in the U.S.) that previous generations enjoyed? (MIT Technology Review)

Image: MIT Technology Review

2. The Panama Papers shine a spotlight on international tax evasion. (ICIJ)

3. A recent book proposes a new explanation of waxing and waning levels of inequality around the world and across time – but leaves a critical question open, according to the Economist: how to avoid crises of high inequality? (The Economist)

4. Inequality is feeding protectionism, says Christine Lagarde. (The New York Times)

5. The global economy has yet to benefit from cheap oil. Read here why and how India stands out. (Financial Times)

6. How to boosts economic growth in MENA? (Forbes)

7. How can U.S. businesses help to lower inequality in America? (Fortune/ Committee for Economic Development)

8. And a more artistic take on the question of the haves and have-nots in the U.S. (The Economist)

9. The EU’s innovation divide is growing. (Bruegel)

10. Adair Turner on why market competition in banking can lead to economic problems, and how China is repeating Western mistakes. (Project Syndicate)