China’s government is spending over $1 trillion on a new Silk Road. Its interests go beyond trade.

Image: Wall Street Journal

Understand China’s economy. Eight facts shed light on the world’s second biggest economic power.

The next Silicon Valley may be in Beijing. China may be taking the lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Truly innovative companies have these three things in common.

The job for life model is dead. Millennials have to adapt to the new economy.

This is why we ignored climate change. We have to overcome our instincts for short-term thinking.

Could the Brexit have been predicted? Britain’s vision for the EU was never aligned with the rest of the bloc. It may end up being stronger out.

Business as usual for Brussels. "Brussels is rapidly discovering that the absence of the UK makes surprisingly little difference to the big issues and the daily routine of managing the EU."

But it does have global implications. After the financial crisis, Brexit deals another blow to globalization.

What Brexit means for Africa. The continent can learn from Europe’s mistakes as it pursues its own integration.

The Human Capital Report 2016 is out, with up-to-date rankings of how 130 countries are developing and deploying talent. This year the report also looks at skills diversity, the gig economy and talent mobility.

Worried about post-fact politics? Researchers have found the most powerful mechanism for people’s minds. Logical arguments.

Twenty years after the invention of the internet, we still have no clue what it means to live a digital life. These six books try and figure it out.

Estonia, the first country to actually leapfrog into the tech age.

Meet the new Top Gun. US fighter aces were unable to match an artificial intelligence program on a $35 computer in combat simulations.

Staying ahead of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. An interview with Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab. (Straits Times)

China’s Premier reassures business leaders about market stability. Coverage from last week’s Annual Meeting of New Champions in Tianjin. (Wall Street Journal)

India isn’t using its human capital fully. Cites the Human Capital Report. (International Business Times)

These ten technologies will change your life. An article about the Forum's Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies. (Computerworld)

Uber isn’t worried about Brexit. More coverage from the Annual Meeting of New Champions. (CNBC)

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