Our global institutions are failing us. They need to reclaim democracy.

Watch a Nobel laureate explain globalization in three minutes.

The biggest global economic upheaval since WWII needs fresh thinking.

Chaos in the world’s biggest economies may be the new normal.

325 million teenage girls in Asia and the Pacific need your help.

Populism has defeated capitalism in its country of origin. What one of Europe’s most famous philosophers has to say about Brexit.

We may need a wave of reforms from the left to save capitalism from itself.

The latest developments in artificial intelligence are setting up the internet for a huge clash with Europe.

Leadership is about more than compensation. Since 1978, US CEO rewards rose by 941%, 73% faster than the stock market. Worker pay rose just 10%.

Egyptian women use social media to test roles. Cites Global Gender Gap Index. (The Wall Street Journal)

How Venezuela fell apart. Cites Forum data on GDP. (Knowledge@Wharton)

The UAE is exemplary in tapping human capital. Cites Forum's Human Capital Report. (Khaleej Times)

The US is lagging on digital readiness. Reporting on the Networked Readiness Index. (CNET)

Canadians pay too much for air travel. Cites Forum data. (Financial Post)

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