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 The third pole is melting

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There’s no good alternative to globalization. But work on these four areas would make it better.

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Economics is still based on the idea of the rational human being. Building models with psychological and behavioural insights is long overdue.

Music in the workplace makes people more collaborative. But it has to be the right kind. No heavy metal.

As the Arctic melts new sea routes become possible. By 2020, it may be cheaper than the Suez canal, but it comes with an environmental price.

Can a pill cure ageing? Snake oil and science continue their deathless battle.

What millennials think about the world and their future. Coverage of the Forum Global Shapers Annual Survey from Asia (Straits Times), the US (Business Insider), the EU (Politico), and Africa (CNBCAfrica)

Infrastructure spending in the UK has plunged since Brexit. References Forum’s global infrastructure rankings. (Financial Times)

Better tax and procurement systems would help Africa fight corruption. Cites Forum data on corruption’s cost. (Allafrica.com)

Why was Brexit good for the bond markets? Forum Head of Global Competitiveness Margareta Drzeniek-Hanouz explains. (Bloomberg)