A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories in economic growth and social inclusion – featuring the release of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2016-17.

1. Facts and figures. Which are the top 10 most competitive global economies? Click on the following link to explore the whole report. (World Economic Forum)

Image: World Economic Forum

2. We’re less productive than we were. Here are five explanations. (World Economic Forum)

3. As we approach the India Economic Summit, here's how India managed to outstrip China’s economic growth. (World Economic Forum)

4. India’s economic performance has created a new business opportunity. (McKinsey Global Institute)

5. What are the three key routes out of too-low growth, too-low inflation and near-zero interest rates? (World Economic Forum)

6. A new book suggests job destruction due to technology has been underway for decades. What’s to come? (Larry Summers’ blog)

7. What exactly is behind the global trade slowdown? (IMF)

8. The United States is the only country among 40 economies that does not have paid paternal leave – low hanging fruit for a more inclusive economy. (Pew Research Center)

9. The World Bank, Facebook and the OECD teamed up to release the Future of Business Survey – a questionnaire that picks up information on small and medium-size enterprises. Provisional results are available here. (World Bank Blog)

10. Companies can go a long way to spur more inclusive economic growth. Such strategies can drive both profits and social impact – and tend to boost employee motivation. (Knowledge@Wharton)