A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

Brexit as an example of deglobalization. (The Financial Times, paywall)

Ideas are more difficult to get. (Vox)

How IT has driven monopoly power and inequality. (Project Syndicate)

Mohamed El Erian on the risks of a global economic non-order. (Project Syndicate)

Cyclical recovery provides a good cushion for reforms. (The Financial Times, paywall)

OECD published an update to global economic forecasts. (OECD)

UN’s UNCTAD is calling for a new economic model. (Reuters)

And a video, in which Raghuram Rajan on the need to broaden economists view to include societal and political factors (Institute for New Economic Thinking)

How growth can lead to political disaffection. (Foreign Affairs)