A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

Two commentaries on the choice of Fed chairman, Jerome Powell:

1. The risk in Trump’s possible Fed chair pick? He's not risky enough (Washington Post)

2. Can he uphold the Fed's independence, asks Kenneth Rogoff (Project Syndicate)

And a piece on Janet Yellen's legacy. (New York Times)

Meanwhile, East Asia needs to strengthen resilience to avoid a financial crisis. (Brookings)

Advancing technology will require protecting workers not jobs. (Financial Times, paywall)

Tech companies will need to embrace regulation to avoid a backlash. (Project Syndicate)

Good news on US growth: up by 3% for the second quarter in a row: (Financial Times, paywall)

Two interesting contributions on China’s future growth model:

1. To grow stronger, China has to grow more slowly (New York Times)

2. China versus the Washington Consensus (Strait Times)