The week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion:

There is no correlation between productivity growth and the change in inequality, recent research suggests. (Bloomberg)

Bubbles are back in the centre of interest (Financial Times, paywall)

Why the rise of intangible assets in the global economy demands a re-think of public policy, by Martin Wolf. (Financial Times, paywall)

Image: Financial Times

China’s New Era. (Project Syndicate)

What to expect from the global economy in 2018, by Nobel Prize-winning economist Michael Spence. (Project Syndicate)

AI will transform the economy. But how much, and how soon? (The New York Times)

Why poor countries invest too little in R&D. (Vox)

The must-read economics books of 2017. (Financial Times)

Redefining GDP: a podcast by Professor Diane Coyle. (Vox)