If you are a woman and want to work in a fair environment within the tech industry you best move to Kansas City. Well, the City of Fountains does not have a big reputation as an innovative tech hub in the U.S. but at least it has the smallest gender pay gap. To be exact, women are even paid two percent more than men in Missouri’s largest city’s tech industry. Unsurprisingly, cities within the Silicon Valley have a considerably larger gap between men and women, ranking them even below the U.S average. Nevertheless, women are still paid better in California than in Missouri or other fairer tech hubs.

However, a small pay gap is not usually the only deciding factor for the gender fairness of a business location as a study by Smart Asset found. Therefore, Kansas City only ranks second in a more holistic comparison of gender equality in U.S. tech cities. Washington, D.C. takes the first place with a female employment rate of 38,5 percent, and an expected four-year employment growth rate of 33 percent whilst having a gender pay gap of 9 percent in favor of men.

Image: Statista