A round-up of the most interesting recent stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

Mapping the economy in real time is almost "within our grasp" (Financial Times)

Why dictators love development statistics (The New Republic)

Sustainable investing themes of "climate" and "carbon reduction" gaining favour among fund investors (South China Morning Post)

From Dollar to e SDR (Project Syndicate)

Figures of the week: the future of work in Africa (Brookings)

Image: The Future of Work: Regional Perspectives, 2018.

Brussels warns Trump's trade policies pose threat to Europe (Financial Times)

Financial globalisation and bank lending: The limits of domestic monetary policy (VOX EU)

Quantified at Last: Investments in Digital Technologies Drive Profits, Productivity (moderndiplomacy)

Review: The Value of Everything by Mariana Mazzucato - how to save capitalism (The Times)