A round-up of the most interesting recent stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

Consumption to replace investment as key to China growth. An overview of the potential implications. (Financial Times)

Image: Financial Times

Learning from slum dwellers. How policy makers can improve the living standards in slums without robbing them of their existing and more valuable social capital. (The Conversation)

Employees have more market power than suspected. Evidence that dominant economic theories no longer explain the job market adequately. (Bloomberg)

Treat money as the public good it is. Will the Swiss revolutionize the current unstable banking system? (Financial Times, paywall)

Should economists make moral judgments? The role of economist when advising authoritarian regimes. (Project Syndicate)

The question of a universal basic income. Policy makers give their opinion why UBI might be the solution. (The Economist, paywall)

Bangladesh launches its supply chain award to boost the economy and improve infrastructure. The government’s novel approach to help Bangladesh in becoming a developing nation. (The Daily Star)

Do Foreign Direct Investments contribute to Rwanda's economic growth? An outline of Rwanda’s economic development. (The New Times)

The most valuable banknote in circulation. Why large-value banknotes are useful for criminal activities. (Quartz)

The changing fortunes of central banking. Leading academics give their opinion on the future role and responsibilities of central banks. (Vox EU)