• Eurostat have forecast how long an average person in Europe can expect to work, depending where they live.
  • The average duration of working life across the European Union is 35.2 years, with Italy the shortest, at 32 years.
  • In wider Europe, Turkey has the shortest work duration, at 29.3 years and Iceland has the longest at 45.8 years.

Eurostat have released an interesting forecast about how long a person can expect to be active in the European labour market during his or her life. The data is measured in years and it's based on someone who was 15-years-old in 2019. On average, the expected duration of working life in the European Union was 35.2 years - 3.6 years longer than in 2000. In individual member states, it ranges from 32 years in Italy to 42 years in Sweden.

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The estimated working life of a 15 yer old in each European country.
Image: Statista

The data also includes several countries outside the EU and their figures are diverse. In Turkey for example, a 15-year-old can expect a working life of 29.3 years. In Iceland, however, a 15-year-old can expect to work for far longer - 45.8 years in total. Elsewhere, the duration of work is estimated at 42.6 years in Switzerland and 39.8 years in Norway.