Ali Adnan Ibrahim

Global Head, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Al Baraka Banking Group

Dr. Ali Adnan Ibrahim is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Global Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility at the Al Baraka Banking Group in Bahrain, the world's largest Islamic banking network. He leads the Social Credits Initiative, which is a formal initiative of the Forum of Young Global Leaders and it seeks to incentivize private investments for sustainable development and inclusive growth.
Ibrahim is Chair of Sustainable Development Committee of the Bahrain Association of Banks that examines and explores various ways in which the banking sector can contribute to the continued sustainable development of Bahrain. He also chairs the Global Islamic and Sustainable FinTech Center at the Bahrain Fintech Bay, which seeks to leverage financial technology, Islamic and sustainable finance for impact. He has twice served as Co-Chair of the Islamic Finance Committee of the American Bar Association.
Ibrahim has published internationally and his areas of interest and expertise include market-based strategies for financial inclusion and enterprise development, impact and blended finance, digital and sustainable finance, Islamic finance, the intersection of impact and faith, microfinance, foreign direct investments, and financial regulation.
As Fulbright Scholar, Ibrahim received his doctorate in juridical sciences (SJD—with distinction) from the Georgetown University Law Center, master of laws (LL.M.) from the Washington University School of Law, and a bachelor of laws (LL.B. Honours) from the International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He has attended "Global Leadership and Public Policy in 21st Century" at Harvard University and "Transformational Leadership" at Oxford University.

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