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Claire Boonstra

Founder, Operation Education

Claire Boonstra is Founder of œ Operation Education, a non-profit organization feeding the movement to revolutionize education. œ creates awareness for the gap between what is felt, thought and known to be the right thing to do in education, and people's actions and decisions as educators, parents, students, leaders and politicians. To close this gap, œ is setting up an academy to educate school leaders and headmasters to become the necessary change agents. Before finding her mission in education, she was a Co-Founder of Layar, at that time the global market leader in augmented reality and interactive print. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she pursued a corporate career with KPN and Unilever. Boonstra has received various awards as an entrepreneur and innovator and has frequently been listed as one of the most influential women in technology. In 2011, she was nominated as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Boonstra is regularly asked to be a keynote speaker, judge and advisor. She holds an MSc in Civil Engineering, is a mother of three young children and an avid skier, dancer and former glider pilot.