Daniel Dobrygowski

Head of Governance and Trust, World Economic Forum

An attorney and educator with two decades of experience at the intersection of technology, civil rights, law, and policy, Daniel came to the Forum as a Global Leadership Fellow and was one of the founding staff of the Forum's Centre for Cybersecurity. Previously, he practiced law with international firms in San Francisco and Washington, DC in the areas of antitrust, consumer protection, IP, and privacy. He conducts research and publishes in the fields of cybersecurity & resilience, digital trust, election protection, internet rights, and corporate governance.

Daniel holds an MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, a JD from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, and a BA from the Johns Hopkins University. He sits on the board of the Cyber Risk Institute and has been recognized by the NACD as one of the most influential leaders in the corporate governance community.

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Fourth Industrial Revolution


网络风险是一个系统的挑战,而网络弹性是一项公共事业。网络中不具备安全性和弹性,则不可能安全地从第四次工业革命将带来的无数机会中获益。因此,有担当、有创新的领导者在寻求应对这些风险的措施。 为了应对这种挑战,真正对数字化带来的挑战做到应势而为、富有责任,领导者们需要一些工具,需要建立伙伴关系。工具会帮助领导人提升他们应对此类挑战的能力,特别是保证他们所领导的组织运行或者接...

03 Feb 2017

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