David Alexander Walcott

Alumni, Global Shapers Community,

A Medical Doctor (MD. Ph.D. MSc.) and Entrepreneur with over 5-years experience as a Founder, Operator and Consultant to several businesses in the Caribbean.

My academic profile includes a Doctorate of Philosophy at Oxford (Rhodes Scholarship) where my research focused on drug development in Crohn’s, a mini-MBA at INSEAD and healthcare business studies at Harvard Business School.

Professionally, I am committed to attracting world-class healthcare resources into the Caribbean and driving investment into the region. I have worked on several multi-million dollar projects in the Caribbean, including the introduction of health technologies into the region, development of Centres of Excellence and turnarounds for small-medium medical practices. My knowledge area of expertise is medical tourism and global trends in healthcare services, and I have travelled to over 50 countries observing healthcare systems and speak 5 foreign languages.

I founded a medical education business that operates across the Caribbean and am a Founding Partner of The Visionaries’ Summit, a platform designed to attract wealth and investment into the Caribbean, that convenes a global community controlling over US$140B in investment capital.

Ultimately, my work is centered around driving the adoption of innovative local and regional healthcare solutions in the Caribbean.